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Our Team.

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Chelsea Zong

General Manager

Chelsea grew up in Colorado and studied Business Management before earning her J.D. from the University of Alabama School of Law. Chelsea was in Oregon representing a corporate client when she met Gregg; the couple got married in 2019, and the rest is history! Chelsea loves living in the PNW and is so grateful to be a part of the MAVS team.


Michelle Thibodeaux

Assistant/Web Designer 

Michelle is a Bay Area transplant who loves all things art and design. She graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2018 with a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and is also an independent musician in Portland. She is thrilled to be a new member of the team at MojoAVS and had a blast building out the new website!


Svas Dujari

Installation Tech

Svas also hails from our wonderful city of Portland and is, for real, a huge fan of the climate up here in the PNW! Becoming an installation technician has taught Svas a ton about different electronic components and systems design. Those lessons feed into his personal hobbies and fuel his zest for learning.

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Good Boy

Mojo was Gregg’s trusted canine companion for twelve wonderful years before crossing the rainbow bridge in 2020. Devon and Chelsea also loved Mojo dearly, and he continues to be a source of inspiration, and the namesake, for Mojo AVS.

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